How to Make a Wrist Pincushion and Stay Out of Trouble

Wrist pincushion 2

Weird title, right?

What does making a pincushion and staying out of trouble have to do with each other??

Let me explain.

As you know, I have mentioned teaching a sewing class at my church. One Saturday as I was helping one of my younger students individually, I felt a tap over the head with a yard stick. I looked up and my precious mentor had been the one to capture my attention. At first I thought she was just goofing around but then realized that I had broken a cardinal rule of a sewing teacher. I’ve sewn for forty plus of my almost sixty years and I had done a very bad, bad thing as a sewing teacher. It is something I have done all my sewing life but would have never wanted my students to know. I had a pin in my mouth!

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Sewing Kit for Christmas

Christmas will be here in fifteen short weeks! Can you believe it?! It’s very difficult to believe when we’ve had 90+ degree temps here in Georgia for almost 80 days.  Oh my goodness, I am so ready for a dip in the thermometer. What better way to forget the heat and humidity than to think of Christmas!

Our sewing ministry is planning to sew for, collect items, and put together 25 boxes for Operation Christmas Child this year.  I’m not sure when the deadline is for the boxes, but I’m sure it is towards the end of October or early November. I’ll post a few of our projects here as we get them together.

Today I got out the Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, and recycled cigar tin to make a little sewing kit for an older OCC child box.

Sewing kit

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How to Make a Zipper Bag with Raw Edge Applique and Boxed Corners

I’ve mentioned the sewing ministry that we started at church here before. We’ve been plugging along now for about three months and this past week we  made a zipper bag. It’s nothing new, but I sort of made things up as I went along and promised our most enthusiastic student that I would do a tutorial.

Zipper bag with pennant flag applique

Go get a glass of sweet iced tea now because these instructions are long. I’m trying to cover everything for those who are new to sewing. Don’t be overwhelmed. This is really not a difficult project. I’m just the type that wants every single step pointed out, so I try to make my directions as concise as possible.

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I’ve had a lot of fun lately with raw edge applique.  It provides a great creative outlet without the tediousness of turning under the edges that I can never seem to get right.

I’ve been using the blanket stitch on my little Brother XR1355 machine and I love it. It does a great job; nice even stitches, and it covers the raw edges nicely.  Actually it’s not easy to even see the raw edges unless there is a stray thread.

Vintage sewing machine applique

I made this project to hang in the Sewing Ministry room.  Isn’t it cute?!

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Vintage Spool Wreath

The ladies of the Quilt Ministry and I have started a sewing ministry. It all came about when Connie became gravely ill a few years back.

It was a scary time first, because my dear friend was so sick, and secondly, I worried about the fact that our quilt ministry would suffer. We still had Barbara, my other precious friend and mentor, who along with Connie keeps us going in the right direction but I feared that Connie might not be well enough to continue on with the ministry. I have come to rely on the both of them as friends and mentors.

My thoughts turned to the fact that sewing is not widely practiced among the younger crowd which made me worry for the future of the quilt ministry. So after Connie recuperated, we sat down and hashed out some ideas for this new ministry. Our church trustees welcomed our proposal for a new ministry with open arms and dedicated a room specifically for us.

vintage spool wreath

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Confirmation Prayer Square

In the United Methodist Church, spring is typically the time that the youth of our congregation become members. At around 12 years of age and older, the youth is invited to become a member. They take months of classes to learn about God, Jesus, the Bible, and the practices and history of our denomination. During this time they are called confirmands.

All their hard work and learning culminates in being confirmed as a member of the church. If they were not previously baptized as an infant, they can be baptized at this time too.

The Prayer Quilt Ministry members prepared a prayer square for each of the confirmands. Here is the one that I made for a young man that is special to our family.

Quilted prayer square - anchor


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Oxford Shirt Quilt Top

I’ve mentioned our church’s Prayer Quilt Ministry before.   We make lap quilts from donated materials to give to members of the community when they are facing a trial of some sort, such as an illness or loss.  Before being presented to the recipient, strings are secured around the quilt.  The quilt is laid across the altar rail and the congregation is invited to come pray for the person and then tie a knot in the string.  The knotted strings are a tangible reminder to the quilt recipient that they have been remembered in prayer.  The  purpose is to bring the peace, hope, strength, and comfort of Christ to them during a time of anxiety and suffering.

Being a part of this ministry is one of the greatest blessings of my life.  It allows me to use my God-given talent of sewing for His glory.  Getting to work with some very talented, loving women in the ministry is a blessing as well.  I’ve spoken of my mentors in several previous posts hereherehere, and here.

Designing and piecing is my favorite part of creating a quilt.  The ladies of the ministry are so gracious to allow me to do that part while they do the (boring and tedious to me) tasks of basting, quilting, and binding the quilt tops that I piece.

Oxford shirt quilt

Definitely preppy, this quilt top is made from thrift store oxford cloth men’s dress shirts in pastel colors.

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